David Jacobowitz
Policy Analyst. Hacker. Patriot.

Welcome to the most primitive web page you have probably seen in some time...

About me

This is Dave's old page. Most of the stuff on it was so old there was no sense hosting it anymore, so only a few entertaining bits are left.

Contact Information and CV

Email david [dot] jacobowitz [at] gmail [dot] com

Computery Projects

Name Description
At-Ats This was a home grown project to create a free, open-source replacement for the popular statistics package, Stata. It didn't do 1% of what Stata does, but it did do most of what you'll see in a basic econometrics class. Hasn't been worked on since 2008.
Sudoku Generator Don't buy a sudoku book, use this handy-dandy sudoku generator for all your sudoku needs. Here's the code, if you're interested.

Projects from Classes

Name Description
Residential Photovoltaic Rate Simulator This is a web-interface to an analytical tool that can be used to estiamte how much you can save on your power bill if you install a photovoltaic system. The analysis was done for the ER226 class at UC Berkeley, in preparation of this paper on photovoltaics combined with plug-in hybrids. The work we did on the analysis was too good to throw away after the paper, so I made this on-line version people can play with.

Random Hobby Stuff

Name Description
Weight and Balance Calculator This is an on-line weight and balance calculator for the aircraft for rent at the Sundance Flying Club at the Palo Alto Airport. It's a simple javascript application loaded with the actual W/B data for the aircraft listed.

Last updated Jan 4, 2017