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Subject: The Game

John Keller (Wed Jun 6 08:41:24 2007)

oops, should have put this here in a new topic. Ok, so who else thinks the Ann & David trivia game is fixed? Has anyone been able to get a perfect score? And what's the deal with the walk signs anyway? That sounds like something my dad would do. ;-)

Ann Keller [] (Wed Jun 6 09:57:19 2007)

Not fixed! I've been able to get a perfect score. I guess the problem is that you get no feedback about which ones you have right and which ones you don't. You also don't get to repeat the same game, so you can't change just one answer at a time to see if your score goes up or down. Just for the record, it's David's fault that it's so hard. In fact, he wanted to include "none" or "both" as possible answers, but cooler heads prevailed.

David Jacobowitz (Wed Jun 6 12:21:44 2007)

It's not a problem that it gives you no feedback, it's a feature. Originally, it told you which you got right and wrong, and that made it too easy. I may yet add some more questions for people who have "mastered" it.

Ann's Dad (Thu Jun 7 12:46:25 2007)

I only got 60%????

Chris Songer (Mon Jun 25 20:46:00 2007)

You really just have to use the back button as the questions do not change because the page does not reload. Keep changing one at a time and monitoring the results, you will get there. But make sure you think first. Are you really sure you want to know the answers to some of these questions? I like my illusions about who needs to snuggle to go to sleep and who is unusually smiley in the mornings. A little ignorance has some value once in a while. :)

John Keller (Tue Jun 26 08:59:43 2007)

Ahhh... Someone else has figured out the tricks to getting the answers. I guess I'm ok finding these things out. However, I think I'll take it as a person goal to teach David to drive a stick. ;-)

Dave Jacobowitz (Tue Jun 26 12:18:38 2007)

Grrr... even though I have set the game page to no-cache and immediate expiration, neither Firefox nor IE seem to reliably honor those settings for the forward/back buttons. So you cheats have the upper hand -- for now. As for the stick driving, let me say I'm pretty sure it's not an aptitude thing but that people who own manual transmission cars are so protective of their clutches that they are afraid to let anyone but a blood relative learn on their car. And my blood relatives don't drive sticks.

Kirsten [] (Tue Jun 26 21:21:26 2007)

It reminds me of the game Mastermind I used to love when I was a kid. I average 60%, but I did get 90% once! I balk at washing dishes with complicated surfaces myself, and would rather not wash them at all, so much empathy there...

Rachel Harrison (Sat Jul 7 19:02:01 2007)

I am getting better each time.... But yet to get 100%. I still think that I couldn't even come up with so many great questions, and I have been married 13 years!!!

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