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Subject: Welcome to our message board!

David Jacobowitz [] (Sun Jun 3 13:07:04 2007)

Welcome to our new message board. I hope you find it useful. See you in July! -- david

Kirsten (Tue Jun 26 21:33:03 2007)

I would just like to say this is the coolest wedding website I have ever seen!!!! Nicely done, shall have to come stay with me at my Villa in the South of France.

Ann [] (Wed Jun 27 08:23:33 2007)

Kirsten! You found one of the hidden buttons! I think this deserves a prize or something. We can't wait to see your villa in the South of France.

John Keller (Thu Jun 28 10:54:59 2007)

Uh oh... it sounds like David has too much time on his hands. I do like the time to wedding countdown timer though. Reminds me of another countdown I saw recently.

Kirsten (Thu Aug 2 20:08:53 2007)

Damn cool wedding! And I showed all kinds of people your wedding website--everyone agrees it's so creative. Oh, like the T-plus count-UP now! Now, I have to work on obtaining my villa so you can visit...

David kellobowitz (Sat Aug 4 11:57:12 2007)

We're so glad you had fun at our wedding. We wanted it to be fun, but weren't sure that it would "work" for everybody. But it did! Yay! We look forward to staying at your villa!

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